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The Quell Foundation's First Responder Resilience Project in Tucson, Arizona

Just wrapped up an amazing week in Tucson, Arizona as we documented the First Responder Resilience Project Summit for the Quell Foundation which included cycling and seminars every day. Their mission: “Normalizing a new culture for mental wellness in the first responder community by building resilient mindsets at work, home and into retirement through trusted and proven educational resources.”

5am start as the riders prepare to ascend Mount Lemmon which tops out at 9,000 feet of elevation.

The riders hit the base of the climb entering Coronado National Forest with Tucson seen in the background. Ascending Mount Lemmon is a 25 mile climb all at or around 5% gradient.

Jon Ciccone still smiling somewhere on Mount Lemmon.

Kate, Kevin, and John four miles into the climb.

Johnathan making steady progress and taking in the amazing views that Mount Lemmon has to offer.

Amber capturing Kevin from a hidden and elevated position at 6,000 feet.

Plenty of fist-bumps handed out on Mount Lemmon.

Kevin rolling into one of the supported rest stops on the way up Mount Lemmon.

Mission complete: 9,000 feet at the top of Mount Lemmon.

When you summit Mount Lemmon, you get to eat as much as you want.

The views around the Tanque Verde Ranch where the Summit was held were simply breathtaking.

Oza answering questions about mental health and what it means to her.

Dr. Anna Courie, DNP, RN, PHNA-BC, Director of First Responder Wellness at FirstNet, Built with AT&T speaks to Summit attendees during dinner.

Retired Oklahoma FD firefighter, Chris Fields, speaks to Summit attendees during his seminar at Tanque Verde Ranch.

Brock Bevell presenting a seminar during the Summit.

Rob Verhelst speaks to Summit attendees.

Universal Health Services Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Friedlander, speaks to Summit attendees during dinner at the ranch.

Kevin watching the premiere of Lift the Mask on Friday night.

First responders featured in the Lift The Mask documentary along with those that put the documentary together pose for a photo before its premiere.

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